X64 Ftp Client


Sherrod FTP Client

Free FTP Client for home and business with multiple connections, scheduled jobs , command line options, quick history connect, log viewer, optional automatic PGP encryption/decryption. secure FTP connections, Scheduled jobs allow automated backups to/from

Simple FTP Client  v.1 10

Simple FTP Client is a very basic and simple FTP client. It has a very old-looking user interface which is not intuitive at all.


AshSofDev FTP Client  v.

AshSofDev FTP Client is another FTP Client.

Smart FTP Client

Upload any kind of file with a simple and freeware FTP client, its interface is very simple and useful with this free software you can store your favorite files in your remote folders using the FTP protocol.

FTP Client  v.2 1

Jvw FTP client is the easiest and cheapest software to transfer files between your PC and remote computers.Now a perfect ftp program for Web developers or anyone that transfer files on the Internet.

VFTPX - Ultra High Speed FTP Client  v.4.0

VFTPX is one of the world's fastest, most capable FTP client applications. Designed to support high-volume upload/download processes, VFTPX can establish 1-50 simultaneous, multithreaded FTP connections. For example, using a cable modem and 50

Win7 FTP Client  v.1.0

The purpose of this Win7 FTP Client is to create a fully functional FTP software that accomplishes most of the tasks professional FTP programs accomplish. The are two builds of this application:1.Windows 7-specific build:

Prompt FTP Client  v.1.5

Prompt FTP Client is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that is used to transfer files between your computer and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. Whether you are publishing a Web page, downloading the latest digital images, music, or

FTP client for Java apps  v.1.1.5

Programmatically controllable FTP client written in the Java language that targets any network oriented standalone application, and even applet, that needs to rely on FTP to exchange files over a network.

FtpGUI - Swing Ftp Client  v.1.0

This project intends to gives to everybody ftp client written in Java.

Python FTP Client  v.0.1

A user-friendly, menu-driven FTP client written in Python.

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